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Various Artists - Planet Delsin, Interstellar Sounds Of Stardust - 1xCD - 50dsr/var-cd3

Aroy Dee - Hill

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The journey to the new Planet Delsin is about to take off! A release lots of people have been waiting for. Amsterdam's cult technosoul label Delsin celebrate their 50th release with this deep rock steady Planet Delsin Compilation album. Twelve spaced out unreleased new tracks by Vince Watson, Terry Brookes, Nubian Mindz, Shed, Newworldaquarium, Peel Seamus, Dj Yoav B, Starfighterz, SpeakWave (aka Dynarec), $tinkworx, Aroy Dee and D5. All great spaced out techno in good Detroit techno vibe. This album is bringing back sweet memories to the days of Virtual Sex, Transmat:Relics, Warp's Artificial Intelligence, 313 Detroit, etc. Liner notes done by Techno Rebels author Dan Sicko - artwork by Delta.inc! The vinyl version comes with nine tracks. The cd with twelve tracks, the three extra tracks come from the Planet Delsin Sampler EP. This is pure quality techno!