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$tinkworx - Aedena EP - 12" - 47dsr/stw3

$tinkworx - Aedena (Aroy Dee Remix)

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Together with his first magnificent album “Ain’t-Chit History”, this third EP on Amsterdam’s Delsin Records sees daylight. Side a starts with the more introvert, beautiful melodic track ‘Aedena’, reminding to the melodies of older material by Larry Heard or Model 500. On side A as well, announced with proud, a remix by $tinkworx’s fave from Amsterdam, Aroy Dee of M>O>S-, Delsin-, Rush Hour-fame. This is his very first remix to see daylight, and he is jacking it up again in his good own manners!! Side b contains next to the melodic ‘Mnemosyne’, two supa-discofied movers ‘Manowar’ and ‘No Luv’. These two energetic tracks go into the area of his very earlier outtings, namely ‘Whut’ on the Down Low 7” release. Twice funky, disco-styled tracks - sounding as a clash of older Sound Hack vs Metro Area vs Daft Punk vs .. Nothing more to be said!!