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R-A-G - The Tales Of... Part 1 - 12" - mosdeep026

R-A-G - The Visitors (Feat. Fat Nancy & Flappy)
R-A-G - The Conversation
R-A-G - We Are Not Alone
R-A-G - Medical Condition

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MOS Deep is back with a fascinating four track EP, The Tales Of.. Part 1, that veers from slow and beatless to fast and energetic. It comes from R-A-G and is a soundtrack to a distant world with corrugated drums, free flowing synths and lots of mysterious forces at work.

Up first, 'Visitors' features Fat Nancy & Flappy and is a slow, trudging cut with spooky deep space synths slowly unfolding around distant vocal whispers. Gurgling bass fleshes out a fat bottom end and the whole thing is like a slow-motion ride through the galaxy. 'The Conversation' is three minutes of beatless and moody sonic landscaping, with various heavy pads and icy ticks suspending you in an unsettling darkness, with reverberating vocals echoing of into the distance. 'We Are Not Alone' then totally flips the script with kinetic, machine gun lasers, coarse and chapter claps, elastic acid lines and lots of dance floor clout. 'Medical Condition' then features Fat Nancy & Flappy once more and is a perfectly restrained, seven minute ride over broken kicks. Big harsh claps, gurgling synths and gloopy pads all spread out in all directions with you at the centre and this one is sure to make for some freaky, weird moments on the dance floor in the dead of night.