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Kovyazin D - Destiny EP - 12" - mosdeep025

Kovyazin D - The Iron Jack
Kovyazin D - Destiny
Kovyazin D - Uralmash Buildings

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After two fine EPs on Chiwax, Russian DJ and producer Dmitry Kovyazin aka Kovyazin D now makes his debut on the Dutch label MOS Deep. He serves up three tracks of house that fit perfectly with the misty, roughshod vibe of the well established label.

Up first is ‘The Iron Jack,’ which is a seriously slow but thumping house number with massive booming kicks, thunderous claps and cutting hits and cymbals. As the drums ping about, a paranoid synth line creeps in to get you thinking and the groove stays locked throughout. ‘Destiny’ is a more moody and subdued cut with circling spaceships hovering around a sunken metropolis. The drums here are lazy and inviting, and the overall mood is one of inward reflection. Finally, ‘Uralmash Buildings’ is an acid cut with scattered cow bells, thick bass and military sounding snares that makes for warm and uplifting listening. This is classic house with a modern twist and is truly filled with a rare sense of narrative.