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Andrew Red Hand - For My Mother - 12" - mosdeep023

Andrew Red Hand - My Guardian Angel
Andrew Red Hand - Never Be The Same
Andrew Red Hand - Shattered Soul
Andrew Red Hand - Mourning My Mother

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Hot on the heels of introducing a new Chilean talent to the MOS ranks with its last release, the Dutch label starts another international affair for its MOS Deep offshoot: Romanian Andrew Red Hand. Andrew, who has been called ‘the Romanian Underground Resistance’, has a long history of DJing and making Detroit inspired techno and electro and across four tracks here, his analogue house with crisp drums and searing acid all burst out of the speakers and into your affections.

‘My Guarding Angel’ is manic and frantic at the same time as been emotionally sensitive thanks to the way cowbells and coarse claps are off set with rich, heart warming chords and teary eyed strings. ‘Never Be The Same’ is then a busy cut stuffed with arpeggiated bass, bright melodies, glassy chords and plenty of reflective surfaces. It’s a feast for your ears that really shines brightly. ‘Shattered Soul’ is another track awash with trilling glassy sounds, echoing melodies and oodles of atmospheric texture all married to hurried techno drums. Calm and serene yet forceful and energetic, that same duality is apparent in ‘Mourning My Mother’, a sombre cut with classic Chi town percussion and drums all weighted down by long tailed pads and poignant chords. This is music that works on head and heel in equal measure.