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Gerstaffelen - Night Flowing North & South - 12" - mosdeep021

Gerstaffelen - Bombara
Gerstaffelen - Invisible Ghosts
Gerstaffelen - Night Flowing North
Gerstaffelen - Night Flowing South

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Still no one knows who Gerstaffelen is, but with this release the producer becomes a regular on the MOS Deep label and is now back with four more of the rawest cuts you could imagine.

Wasting no time in getting gritty, 'Bombara' is a frazzled and gauzy deep techno cut with muffled voices, beams of melodic light and lots of percussive hustle. 'Invisible Ghosts' is a less urgent but equally monstrous track with dark groaning bass, prickly hi hat patterns and frenzied synth lines. 'Night Flowing North' actually offers a slightly lighter sound, with celestial and heartfelt melodies darting about between ping ponging drums and percussive hits before 'Night Flowing South' comes over like a classic jack track from Chicago, with a quick baseline riding up and down the scale and propping the whole track up.

This is attention grabbing, dancefloor slaying stuff as ever from MOS and the magically mysterious Gerstaffelen.