M>O>S Releases

Aroy Dee - Electronic Music - 12" - 33dsr/mos1

Aroy Dee - Metro
Aroy Dee - Ampule
Aroy Dee - Lyrical
Aroy Dee - Lost Subways

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A cross town transfer from this mysterious Rush Hour act famed in our glittery world for their sumptuous funk rebranding 'Utility' 12"s. On planet Delsin though things are twisted round into deepest detroit. 'Metro' is a dreamlike analogue house classic, haunting dark shot chords ride some fresh percussive flows under simmering beats. Detroit techno experimentation at it's best, spine tingling goodness for sure. 'Ampule' is a simple lo-fi electronic drifter before the beat drops back on 'Lyrical' where again we’re hit with the Delsin retrofuturistic confusion once again. No bad thing, 1000% good in my book - this cut uses some organic drum beats and percussive sounds to create an inside out jazz techno freestyle cut, very special and very good. Last up is 'Lost Subways' focusing on techno melodics and old school ethics with a booming beat and warm acid in the mix. Fantastic.

Four-tracker from the M>O>S collective. Deep house music using long, evocative strings, organic beats and unadulterated sounds. Like a gymnast, lithe, graceful and precise. The standout for me is the last track 'Lost Subways', which combines raw and jacking Chicago beats with the sweetest analogue melodies. Delsin hit the spot once again.