M>O>S Releases

Incredibly this is already D'Marc Cantuís third EP of the year following efforts on new label One Electronica and Ansatz. Of course, he has released on MOS many times before, including 2012ís full length A New World. This new EP, Long Weekend, features three new tracks of fully formed house and techno with more than a touch of acid along the way.

The title track opens the EP with a lively house jam that has proud kick drums, plenty of muffled and deeply buried chords and a busy bassline that darts about like a kangaroo on hot rocks. Itís propulsive and emotive as it surges along, taking you with it every step of the way. Next up, Ď1Lb Of Fleshí is a much more jagged and serrated track, mainly because of the manic acid squiggle that runs right through the heart of the slapping snares and icy cold hi hats. Full throttle and as ever delightfully frayed and analogue sounding, itís a real face melter. Last but by no means least, ĎAcid Testí is the quickest of the lot, coming over like a slick, powerful fusion of electro and techno that whips and snaps as Dance Mania style snares flap about above a grilling bassline and acid wiggles in and out. Itís a busy, fulsome track but never feels cluttered and rounds out another exceptional EP from both MOS and main man D'Marc Cantu.