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John Heckle - Baiyun Mountain EP - 12" - mos020

John Heckle - Cactus Jack
John Heckle - Birds With Vertigo
John Heckle - Baiyun Mountain

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The Baiyun Mountain EP is John Heckle's debut appearance on MOS Recordings. Brit Heckle has more than established himself as a lone sonic explorer thanks to LPs and EPs on labels like Chicago's Mathematics and Holland's Creme Organization. Across three more tracks here, he lays out his dense and textured vision of house music once more.

Opener 'Cactus Jack' is a writhing thing with coarse snares, wild acid gurgles and plenty of paranoid synth lines. 'Birds With Vertigo' is another gauzy affair where every bit of sound is filled with fuzz, analogue rawness or splintered percussion. It's intense and intriguing at the same time before final and title track 'Baiyun Mountain' goes a little deeper, with springy metallic synths, ticking percussion and a supple bassline all wrapping around each other into a controlled cacophony of sound.