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R-A-G - Vacuum EP - 12" - mosdeep016

R-A-G - Vacuum (Ignition Mix)
R-A-G - Plenum (Outer Mix)
R-A-G - Plenum (Inner Mix)

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R-A-G is MOS boss Aroy Dee in partnership with Marco Spaventi and G String. Together they make frayed and analogue house music that joins the dots between 80s Chicago and the modern day. This new EP does just that once more, opening with the dense sci-fi stomper that is Vacuum. With coarse synths and plenty of sonic scuzz it fires your every synapse.

On the flip side, Plenum (Outer Mix) is a beat less ambient affair with lost synths ringing out in vast chambers of fine grain sound, before the Inner Mix slowly courses on raw kick drums. Whole ecosystems of synths spiral around like galaxies in the distance to make for truly filmic deep house listening.