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Ma Spaventi - The Jungle / Insanity - 10" - mosdeep014

Ma Spaventi - The Jungle
Ma Spaventi - Insanity

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In the last 12 months, Marco Antonio Spaventi has produced alongside James Priestley on Secretsundaze as well as with Aroy Dee on MOS, and here he returns to said deeper than deep label with two tracks all of his own entitled 'The Jungle' and 'Insanity'.

'Insanity' is, as you'd expect, a mad melange of fizzing electronics, ticking cowbells and swirling atmospheres all pinned to a chugging deep house beat. Raw drum fills and squelchy modulated synth sounds fill nearly every gap, taking you to a place as intense you could imagine for the duration.

On the flip, Spaventi’s lo-fi aesthetic gets even more fucked up as he delves deep into the recess of house music with 'The Jungle'. Crunchy hits, echoing hi hats and a tightly coiled melody all race along next to each other with a slapping drum combination keeping energy levels up down below. Raw and brash yet totally beguiling, it might be some of his best work yet on the ever excellent MOS Deep.