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R-A-G - Black Rain EP - 12" - mosdeep011

R-A-G - The Fog (Extended Version)
R-A-G - Black Rain (Analogue Mix)
R-A-G - Black Rain (Ambient Mix)

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Aroy Dee's MOS Deep does analogue deep and classic house like few other labels do today. This new Black Rain EP marks a return to the label for R-A-G aka Aroy himself, G-String and Marco Spaventi.

Opening with 'The Fog' the deep vibe is set immediately. Crispy snares, a chugging groove and plenty of eerie sonics swirl around into something with a keen sense of foreboding.

The titular track then gets all Chicago with its busy claps and nagging synth lines. The mood is a sombre one for those creepy back room sets and the analogue machinery used to make it gives a trademark warm and fuzzy feel to proceedings.

The EP closes with a reprise of ‘Black Rain’. This beat-less rework deals in ambient synthscapes that drag you into their fold and never let you go. Essential business once again from MOS!