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Aroy Dee & San Proper - Perfume - 12" - mos016

San Proper & Aroy Dee - Perfume (Aroy Dee Dub)
San Proper & Aroy Dee - Perfume (Reprise)
San Proper & Aroy Dee - Usher (Proper's Groove Mix)
San Proper & Aroy Dee - Usher (Aroy's Melancholy Mix)

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For its next release, MOS calls on the services of label head Aroy Dee and Perlon/Rush Hour man San Proper to craft a beautiful four track EP entitled “Perfume". The truth of the matter is, after the friends had enjoyed something of a wild night out in Amsterdam, they returned to San Proper’s studio for a live session which involved a bottle of Scotch!

It kicks off with the swirling pads and soft shakers of the title track which immediately sink you into some deep space atmosphere a world away from this one. When kicks do come, they are distant, much like the echoing handclaps, and the whole thing feels like a half-remembered and deepest house dream. The “reprise” version of the same track is even more hollowed out, with less beats, greater echo and a sense of looming melancholia hanging in the air above the swirling sounds below.

As for the b-sides, the first is Proper’s Groove mix of “Usher” - it’s a mobile wedge of deep house where the rounded bassline takes centre stage. Around it various melodic stabs add colour and intrigue as it meanders its way forward through classic sounding hi-hat ringlets. It’s mesmerising, of course, but warm and human sounding, too.

Finally, Aroy steps up again to provide his melancholy mix of “Usher” which hangs its head more than the Proper version. Here the pads disappear of to infinity and drag you right into their core whilst tense synth sounds wiggle and squiggle in the background.

An EP of more mind-melting or heart warming house sounds you are unlikely to hear because Aroy Dee and his MOS are the true masters of future facing, retro-referencing house music...