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Chicago Shags - The Family Album - 12" - mos017

Chicago Shags - Ponderosa
Chicago Shags - Pancake Breakfast
Chicago Shags - Firetruck Sunday
Chicago Shags - To The Westfield

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Though well respected and accomplished producers in their own right, together Danny 'Legowelt' Wolfers and Brian 'Orgue Electronique' Schijf really make the girls go wild. Their Chicago Shags project is one that has released on Creme Organization, Bunker and Strange Life Records, forever mining increasingly exciting house depths since 2005. Now they return with The Family Album on the ever-excellent MOS Recordings.

The four track EP starts with 'Ponderosa'; a forward looking, cosmic surfing house cut wired with plenty of smooth electronics and pure jacking energy, before 'Pancake Breakfast' glistens and glints just as much with its firefly synth lines, gurgling baseline and sweet, pixelated melodies.

‘Firetruck Sunday’ is more dense and edgy, never resting in one place for more than a single beat, with chattery drums and claps offset by a rounded, smoothed but acidy bassline. Finally, ‘To The Westfield’ surges and soars through more sci-fi universes as a house groove busies itself below.

Four tracks of heavily analogue house for the most knowing of dancefloors, then, as is always the case with this pair!