M>O>S Releases

After releasing his Heavens EP, Chicago Skyway is back on MOS deep with another epic release, ranging from melodic deepness to wild-jackiní dance floor-madness. The Lager EP kicks off with Bad Driver, a raw and solid Chicago-banger with an irresistible driving bass-line, rattling beats and atmospheric strings. For Lager Nord on the flipside Chicago Skyway teams up with his compadre Dcook, delivering an emotional and dreamy classical Detroit Techno influenced track. Lager is reworked by Steven Tang, another rising star in Chicago's contemporary electronic-music scene, known for his Obsolete Technology imprint and his Verged Sessions on Aestatic Audio. Stevenís Obsolete Technology Remix focuses on lush orchestrated strings and deep synths flowing over a massive foundation of thumping beats.