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Aroy Dee - Tears - 12" - MOS012

Aroy Dee - Once U Loved
Aroy Dee - Tears
Aroy Dee - Lift Me High
Aroy Dee - Soul Sparkle

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Four track EP by label owner Aroy Dee. The first track "Once U Loved", is warm and emotional, with slowly evolving strings topped with mysterious whispering vocals, sounding somewhat like older K'Alexi material. 2nd track, "Tears" is a fierce and sexy Chicago-house influenced dancetrack, with a solid baseline, steady beats and lush keys.

First track on the B-side is "Lift Me High", a downtempo dreamlike analogue house classic with haunting strings and vocals of miss Salvador, merging Larry Heard and G-Strings with an Italo-disco kind of atmosphere. Last on this EP is "Soul Spark", an atmospheric techno track with the raw energy of early Relief-releases and the psychedelia of Dance Mania.