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X2/X - Photon / Solara - 12" - MOS007

X2 - Photon
X - Solara (Epic Version)

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Two raw and energetic dancefloorcuts, brought to you and selected by Traxx, known for his “Nation” label and releases under aliases and collaborations like Dirty Criminals. Both tracks express a never declining genuine love for Chicago Housemusic re-inventing itself into an uncanny, psychedelic and mysterious future. Side a contains “Photon”: a tense, eerie and stunningly deep acid-mover written by the three masterminds of the JAK-beat James T. Cotton, Traxx and D’Marc Cantu. Solara on the flipside, written by Melvin Oliphant, is an epical dancefloor-burner with a repetitive but constantly shifting bassline combined with raw jacking beats, echoing the atmosphere of tracks like mr. Fingers Washing Machine and Lil’ Louis Frequency control.