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Aroy Dee - Lies - 12" - mos006

Aroy Dee - Lies feat. Ms Salvador
Aroy Dee - Evil feat. Comtron
Aroy Dee - Jive feat. Ms Salvador

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Tripping slow motion house tracks - Recommended!

Nice to see Aroy Dee and the MOS crew make a return, the A-side track "Lies" coming across like a righteous blend of Moodymann's 21st century soul and Matthew Herbert's hiccup baladeering. Sultry it may well be, but there's a squashed emphasis to the production that imbues this with a flavour all its own - seriously good stuff. Comtron offers up his vocal skills for flipside track "Jive", all plastic percussion, crass vocal edits and elongated synths - but its the final, short "version" of the title track at the end of the set that steals the ticket for us - another one of those endlessly deep baselines that we adore so much dominating proceedings and worthy of the price of admission alone.

Deep, tracky and nicely Housed up sounds from Aroy Dee. True, authentic and lovingly produced he manages to capture the sounds of Detroit, Chicago and, to a certain extent, New York on this splendid EP. There's a vocal element here that really works and gives it that slightly moody warehouse feel, but it's tempered by a sultry female vocal refrain on the main track which is saucy, sexy and adds a lowdown kind of feel to the proceedings. Great stuff once again from MOS.

aroy dee - lies!! yesssss so fucking dope!