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Aroy Dee - Embrace EP - 12" - MOS005

Aroy Dee - Dark Day
Aroy Dee - Embrace
Aroy Dee - Shade

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M>O>S Recordings just keep on coming out with the goods, time after time. Aroy Dee once again gives us a scintillating set of tracks that are deep, melodic and completely Detroit-based, yet retain a distinctive Dutch sound at all times. Luscious pads and strings with hypnotic progressions collide with classic, clattering 909 percussion. The flip has more of the same in bucketloads, so I'd suggest of you're a fan you'll be wanting to get right in there. Highly, highly recommended Techno!

….kinda got me back to listening to aroy dee which has me thinking is it me or is this guy seriously underrated? is he a well kept secret? whats the deal?
in the same league as omar s, theo parrish and the rest of the detroit house crew
i think he's dutchbut i've never read anything about him heard anyone talk about him
never seen his name on any msgboard. i recommend 'the planets' and 'boracic (aroy dee rmx)' as pretty decent starting points
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