M>O>S Releases

Various Artists - Amsterdam Remix EP - 12" - REG104

Sonic Insomniac - Typical (M>O>S Remix)

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Here three remixes by Amsterdam's M>O>S, New World Aquarium and Delsin's Peel seamus from tracks out of the New Religion catalogue. The A side sees NWAQ reworking Kirk DeGiorgio's 'Holy' into a 'Paperclip People style techno-disco monster' with trademark stringwork. First up on the flip is the M>O>S remix from Sonic Insomniac's 'Typical' with lush bassline and big strings, followed by the Peel Seamus remake from Freak Seven's 'Sonar quistas', offbeat techno with an edgy bassline and strings. Well recommended !!