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Ross 154 - Until My Heart Stops.. - 12" - mos002-rp

Ross 154 - Until My Heart Stops...
Ross 154 - Kaoz

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Almost have a new record out, here´s how they´re trying to set it in the market. Psycho-marketing for morons.

"The second release on the M>O>S record label could have been part of Holland's rich techno-history, if released when the tracks where made. Dating back as early as 1993, these two tracks come straight out of a plastic bag full of SA90s in Ross154´s bathroom (that's where he plays his music LOUD) and a cardboard box filled with cassettes rediscovered while moving Aroy Dee into his way too expensive spacious loft in the historical centre of Amsterdam. Walk-in closets, custom-made floating doors, stainless steel kitchen, the works... The man from Colgate is smiling himself into a new found yuppie-lifestyle taking on the appearance of an enigmatic but somewhat estranged physics-professor with a soft spot for Hispanic women.

Anyway, it all fell into place on a Christmas-diner last year at nwaq-headquarters where these gems hit the speakers throwing Peel into a manic fit and Aroy jump out the front door puking his guts out in a format which would have made the Pizza Hut sue for copyright reasons. Fortunately, this wasn't about the music but about the chef, and all was forgiven in the end. It took some effort to polish these tracks so they could be released (I don't think Dexter will talk to us ever again...) but here they are, bright and shiny!

"Till my heart stops" is probably the older of the two, and has survived the humid environment of the mystical washing facilities rather well. I guess he likes to shower long, but never too long. "Kaoz" is a small part of the now infamous "My old piano" sessions at the hangout of Haarlem DJ-collective Kaoz Connection, which where heavily inspired by KLF, The Orb and J-J-J-jack fever. Named after the always-present Diana Ross evergreen "My old piano" on 33rpm these sets they were a pretty mad mix of live electronics and odd tunes, and always ended in either a neighbourhood riot or a civilized police-request. Unfortunately most of these sets are lost forever, but somehow someone managed to press record while the 154 was doing some serious knob twisting.

Too keep it short, here's some old shit for new times. Enjoy!"

I guess were gonna put away some units with this boys...fucking ace!