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Aroy Dee - Kiss/The Planets - 12" - nwaq003-RP

Aroy Dee - Kiss
Aroy Dee - The Planets (Original Mix)

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This two-tracker, which surfaced on the mysterious Newworldaquarium label a couple of months back, has to be one of the best records to emerge through Amsterdam's Rush Hour distribution this year. 'Kiss' is an heavy, atmospheric, 80s-influenced jam with dark chords, non-stop analogue bass and occasional vocal snatches. But the real winner for me is 'Planets', a brooding, powerful house/techno masterpiece with epic string washes and an absolutely killer bass hook. A touch on the dark side for your average Saturday night dancefloor perhaps, but genius nonetheless.
Tom Churchill

Two long and hypnotic cuts in between house, techno and electronica. Unusual and extremely good.

More loveliness from the Netherlands with a deep yet elevating two-tracker from the Delsin associated imprint. ‘The Planets’ applies Detroit-flavoured chords and retro sounding bass to a squelchy rhythm pattern, dropping an occasional vocal sample into the mix, whilst ‘Kiss’ purveys a warm sonic softness from the onset, with lush chiming hits and gentle kicks laying down a hypnotic techno framework before subtle bass and melodic elements lift the composition into a dreamlike state.

Second release on Amsterdam's NWAQ-label (what happened to number two). Bringing in 'Kiss', eighties styled disco shooter, with some additional production by 154. Other side brings in one of Aroy Dee's best tracks yet: The Planets. Long time 154-compadre Aroy Dee, known for releases on Rush Hour (together with the M>O>S collective), comes with the goods on the immaculate NWAQ-imprint. Two bass-heavy pieces of euphoria bringing back the good old days of smaller towns, over-anxious smoke machines, lousy cocktails and smiling shirts. Oh, and girls with perm, tracksuits galore and getting down with the Pina Colada Magic Tour. We had the moves, the style, the action and the pussy, and we glance back at it with a slight touch of melancholia.. Thanks Mr. Dee, for bringing it all back.